Motorcycle Phone Holder Wireless Smart Charger 360 Degree Rotation Bracket

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1. Dual-mode switching, independent switch design, 15W high power wireless charging / USB charging can be switched at will 2. There is a transparent waterproof cover at the switch, and the overall sealed design allows riding in rainy weather. 3. Pick and place the phone with one hand, the four-horned eagle claws lock the phone, which is more stable and stable. Upgrade the soft rubber protection. 4.Upgraded integrated large coil, built-in Qi-standard wireless charging coil, dual coils combined design, increased charging speed and improved sensing distance 5. Strong compatibility, suitable for a variety of models, support phone size 4-7 inches 6. Wire with fuse device, safety protection, prevent current overcurrent


Voltage input: 12-24V Power output: Qi 15W + QC3.0 fast charge Product material: PC + stainless steel With 1.5m power cord, with 10A fuse, Tighten the phone semi-automatically. Suitable for mobile phone size: 4-7 inches Caliber of fixing clamp: 32mm (with a diameter of 22mm and a 25.4mm washer) Product Color: Black